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What is really meaning of design? what you know is all right?

Nowdays people might  think that design is planning/drawing  on paper and being creative to make things pretty/decorative like constructing something to be eye catching.

Design has different meaning in varient sectors .One might think design is making something on paper .
designer should be creative, well skilled.know more about on going trends.There are certain misconceptions around

What is really meaning of design? what you know is all right?

What is Design?

In simple and breif word, Design is what you plan in your mind and do you it as it is. For example in modern ways , you thinking about changing the outlook of you room , rearanging the furniture and room paint and placing the things where you want ,like what you think in your mind.

Design is doing what you see ,hear, feel.

Everyone can design it can be anything craftwork,art ,product design, sound,videogames .One can be creative or non creative once you work on design and practicing it ,you can also be creative .
Design is for everyone and it more than making things pretty.Design give a solution to the problem.

Key concept of Design

Anyone can design

Design is everywhere. everyone has ability to think and make things better.
anyone believes and practice the concept they are all designers.
every individual has their own perspective ,make advantage of it by implent  your own ideas and work it on and  make it visualize for others. Communicate with others through your own design.

What is consider a Good design?

Good design are created by their own emotions, Designs make you more imaginative, where one can design their own imagination ,emotion that revolve over their mind. Design is simply magical.

Designer should never design for themselves or for others, but everyone should be affected by your design

Good Design is in the eye of others view on it.